Local Eats #2: Family-Owned Dive Bar

I needed a place to watch the NCAA Championship this week, so I decided to get a little wild and try a new bar that just opened in the neighborhood. I threw on my “BALL IS LIFE” jersey and walked over. I am really excited to share this local eat with you, since I know all of our loyal LocalNOMZ readers come from different financial situations. Some of you might not have been able to afford the trip to Italy last month, but I think this will be a PERFECT place to try for all the penny-pinchers out there.

The bar is called “Bar Louie.” I’m pretty sure it’s family owned. There is a man named Louis who I see sometimes volunteering at church, and I think it’s named after him. Maybe a brother or something owns it. It’s a small mom and pop joint that just opened up and I’m so glad I had the chance to try it out for myself.

I know what you’re thinking…well, come on…what is this place like? Imagine a bar that is clean that almost has a feel as if it were an actual restaurant. Then, go next door and you might be at Bar Louie. We sat at a hightop table at the bar about an hour before the game began. The place was filling up. They must do some local advertising in the church bulletin, because people seemed to have quickly discovered this new spot. (After this post goes out, you might need to make reservations with all the traffic going into that place from this site!!)

One of my favorite parts of the entire restaurant was the view. It was sometimes hard to watch the game, because I loved peaking out the window. So beautiful. Here is a photo of what you could see:

Looks like they are planting a garden or something out there. I LOVE the local urban planning commission. Cant wait to see what they have in the works! Maybe a mural? Write your congressman today. © LocalNOMZ, 2017

So we were ready to roll. I opened up the menu and started my ~taste bud treasure hunt.~ There were many options – mostly American food, but that isn’t a problem in Trump’s America, eh?

I always say, “A menu is a story that should only be narrated by the chef.” ©LocalNOMZ, 2017

We started with some appetizers as the game began. Gonzaga scored first, but that wouldn’t be the only score of the night (I saw how the hostess Jessica was looking at Tommy, the busboy).

The artichoke dip arrived and we smashed. The waiter warned us, however, that they didn’t have any tortilla chips though (odd item to be out of, but we didn’t get salty if you know what I’m sayin’). He said they would have to substitute pita bread for it. I shouted, “That’s PITAful…that you don’t always serve it with pitas.” Who would want tortilla chips over pitas? Probably a bus driver or something.

No this isn’t my puke. It’s artichoke dip. © LocalNOMZ, 2017

I ordered the Mac + Cheese (big surprise, I know), and if I had to rate it on a 1-John Stamos’ cooking, I’d probably guess that John Stamos was the celebrity chef that day in the bar’s kitchen; it was that good. The bread served with it was just like a sponge to soak up all the cheesy goodness. I liked to move it around the dish as if it were a boat, setting sail on choppy waters. (The noodles are the sea monsters).

I put the knife in there for dramatic effect. I didn’t need it for the dish LOL. © LocalNOMZ, 2017

My friend got a salad, which isn’t as interesting to write about, so I will just include the picture below. She said there wasn’t a lot of dressing on it, but thankfully I still had the Ziploc baggie of dressing from our first Local Eat (See previous post), so I gladly shared it with her.

This is a salad. © LocalNOMZ, 2017

What’s interesting at this place, though, is the incredible happy hour deals. Thank God I left my ski mask in my car or else I would have thought I was ROBBING this place when I got my check. Everything was so cheap!

Beer night? You mean “Every Night?” © LocalNOMZ, 2017

All in all, Bar Louie is a great spot and I’m so excited that it opened in my neighborhood. Hopefully they will expand soon! My only request is for them to add Louie, Louie to their playlist so I can jam out while waiting for entrée.

Next up on LocalNOMZ, we’ll taste an authentic breakfast from deep within the West Virginian woods.

Until then, I’ll see you in the kitchen.

-Chef M